Football Training Tips For Improving Your Game

Buzz Off Mosquitos! 3 Chemical-Free Ways To Keep Mozzies Out Of Your Camper Trailer This Summer

The six-week holiday break at the end of the school year is the perfect time to hitch the camper trailer onto your vehicle and head off exploring Australia with the kids. Since this is your first Christmas season with a camper trailer, there are lots of things to learn about so that your family will have a fantastic holiday together. One of the biggest annoyances for those with sensitive skin is keeping the mosquitos away. Read More 

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Football Training Tips For Improving Your Game

Do you ever find you've only been on the pitch for half an hour and you feel exhausted? That was me five years ago, and I decided I needed to get serious about improving my game. I learned how to increase my stamina on the football pitch, improved my technique and worked on my general fitness and nutrition. I can now comfortably play for a full 90 minutes, and I started this blog to pass what I've learned on to other amateur footballers. I also accept guest post submissions, so we can all benefit from each other’s knowledge and improve our game.

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