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Top Reasons Women Are Increasingly Participating in Jujitsu

With more Australians increasingly becoming health conscious, gyms around the country are incorporating different programs to cater to the varying needs of their customers. One such program is jiujitsu, a mixed martial arts combat sport that teaches participants self-defence. For a long time, jiujitsu was considered a male sport, but that is no longer the case today. In fact, women have become an essential niche in the sport's growth, and for good reasons. This article highlights the reasons women are increasingly enrolling and practising jujitsu.

Reduces Fear/Anxiety

Many women grew up believing they were the weaker gender, a perspective that brewed fear and anxiety. Even to this day, some women carry this notion whenever they go, affecting their self-esteem and overall social life. Participating in jiujitsu helps erase such a mindset because of the nature of the sport. For instance, jiujitsu is highly physical, and one must commit to grasp the skill. The mere act of taking part in such a highly physical activity helps many gain confidence in their strength and ability. This will go a long way in helping you shed your fear and anxiety. Over time, anxious feelings may cease to be a natural part of your life.

Body Positive

While both genders deal with body image issues, women are generally more affected by the desire to have a good body physique. Unfortunately, it leads to shame and possible eating disorders. A big part of the problem stems from women looking at how their body looks and not what it can do. While running and lifting weights transforms your body, jiujitsu shows you what your body can achieve. For instance, jiujitsu teaches participants that a woman can bring down a man under certain natural settings. The reason is that jujitsu equips you with skills that let you work take advantage of your strengths and the opponent's weaknesses to achieve the desired outcome. Once you know what your body can do, your confidence and self-esteem grow.


Many women in the country live in constant fear. In fact, most women looking for jiujitsu classes have the primary objective to learn how to defend themselves against male attackers. The skills you learn in a jiujitsu class are perhaps the most defensive of all martial arts programs. Mainly, you learn how to grapple, subdue, manipulate and restrain an opponent without risking injury.

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